“Fishing is boring, unless you catch an actual fish, and then it is disgusting.” 

Just a hopefully quick update.  A much longer and better one will come next time.

My beloved (brand new) Dell notebook thought it would be fun to kill its harddrive last night for no reason. Sofar 2010 has gone like this:

1. Heater in apartment breaks in the Cali girls apartment right when snow comes

2. Camera breaks when City of Seoul is covered in beautiful snow

3. Computer dies while I’m 6,000 miles from home and it is my only means of communication.

Anyways, So last weekend Annie, Army officer friend Brandon, and I headed 3 hours NE by bus to the Trout/ Icefest in Hwacheon where the river froze over and they put EVERYTHING on ice:  soccer, skating, sledding, slides, fishing, zamboni rides, go carting, ATVs, bicycles, etc etc.

We tried ice fishing for 1.5 hours to no avail. After wandering a bit we discovered you can dive into the coldest pool on Earth and catch them by hand if you arebrave enough. We were… and it turns out I have a hidden talent!

I’ve never been colder in my whole life! Annie found out she’s terrified of fish. Not the best time to find something like that out…. haha. Anyways once you catch it, you are supposed to stick it down your shirt and keep going. I caught several but a few got away. Here’s our poor guys afterward. Yummy trout sashimi! It only cost us $2 for someone else to cut the guts out and hook us up with the side dishes:

The place was beautiful and there were fish everything all over. Here’s the ice fishing holes and lanterns at night:

That’s all for now. This weekend is Lunar New Year (AKA Chinese New Year). Koreans celebrate it by going to their hometowns andbowing to their elders while wearing Hanboks (more on this later) so we get a 4 day weekend so, taking full advantage of the situation….